I am really hesitant to share this but …. here it is for what it’s worth..
I do not like admitting I need help
I truly dislike asking for help
I find I need some help – not a huge help but I (We) could use some help
Our adventures with cancer began with Patty – in 1998 she was diagnosed with cancer on her vocal chords – many scrapings, laser treatments and radiation folowed
in 2003 my daughter Kali Nicole Jones graduated from SkyView HS in June. After some persistent vision problems and headaches/migraines she was diagnosed with a brain tumor
Surgery, then 2 years of radiation and chemo.
Things started looking up
In 2005 my daughter Carri Jones was also diagnosed with a brain tumor – different type, different placement. Not easily accessible surgically. Tumor was debulked – followed by 3+ years of radiation, chemo. Then end came on 12/29/2008
My wife Patty was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2006. Again,surgery, radiation, chemo- She fought as long as she could. On august 7th, 2012 she woke up and whispered “Is it today?” I asked “Are you ready?” Patty softly replied “Oh yes” and her battle ended early on the morning of 8/8/2012
During those Cancer Fighting years we received many tremendous outpourings of love and kindness, and generosity…
Thank you!!!!!
We had so much help and very good insurance but still had to refinance our home several times to cover our portions of the many treatments and related expences.
4 years ago, Kali Nicole Jones went to our doctor with a horse related injury. He saw she had not gotten an MRI recently. One was ordered and the MRI showed some enhancement…another craniotomy (how many folks can say they have a family brain surgeon?) more radiation and chemo concluding in April 2021. THEN – in December of 2022 a routinely scheduled MRI revealed enhancements. Different chemo therapy (surgery and radiation no longer valid options). From 12/22 to 7/23 the tumor site grew from 6mm to 1cm….from 7/23 to 8/23 it doubled to 2cm with other enhancements. Kali was entered into an FDA Trial but it was not effective for her.
We are now with CNS Hospice and Kali’s nurse was also Patty’s nurse many years ago.
With all that, we are now where we are –
I am a Retired teacher and Kali was unable to work since December of 2022. Medicaid has been incredibly beneficial for her and starting in August she has begun receiving SSI Disability. My mother passed a few years ago and I received an inheritance from her estate.
Here’s the hard part for me – asking for some financial help.
MANY, MANY dear friends have offered meals, brought flowers, and been so very thoughtful in so many ways. Kali’s appetite has been limited … snack type pudding, crackers – Saltines, Club, Ritz, – refrigerator cheese sticks, sometimes soup, sometimes egg salad, Jello cups, Ensure, and occasionally a small Jamba juice or Baja Freeze….
I think we are able to maintain those things but …. I had to dip into our Home Equity and other credit reserves to meet expenses
If you want to help and are able to help, my PayPal is
I feel guilty even asking and I hate being in this position but …. this is Life and sometimes we can’t so this alone
THANK YOU for your prayers, kindness, encouragement, and MANY displays of Supporting Kali Nicole Jones”